Multiple Maine law enforcement agencies worked together Sunday afternoon, as they attempted to apprehend a man who allegedly stole a vehicle and sped through two counties.

According to Piscataquis County Sheriff Bob Young, it all started when two people came into the Guilford Office to report that Chad Delano, 31, was in town, looking for his ex-girlfriend and that he was wanted in Florida. The Sheriff's Department dispatched a deputy to look into the matter.

"The deputy went to a Guilford residence to confirm information about the suspect and was provided with a detailed description of his car.  After leaving the residence the deputy confirmed the arrest warrants, one in Florida and two in Maine.  He located the vehicle driving in Guilford and attempted to make the traffic stop.  The suspect fled at very high speeds, the deputy pursued the suspect towards Dover-Foxcroft, but as the deputy reached the town area, he backed off the pursuit.  He found him again on Route 7 in Dover, and chased him towards Dexter.

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It was on Rt. 2 in the Etna area, that the Maine State police joined in the effort, according to Shannon Moss, spokeswoman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

"Delano failed to stop for a Trooper and continued into the town of Stetson. The Trooper attempted to PIT the 2008 GMC Yukon Delano was operating. The Trooper’s cruiser became disabled, and Delano continued to a residence on the Lapointe Road in Stetson, where he entered a residence and stole a vehicle. Maine State Police requested an air asset from the Maine Forest Service, who was able to follow Delano in the stolen vehicle onto Route 222 from Levant in Bangor."

That's when Moss says authorities laid down spikes, and deterred Delano into the parking lot of the Circle K on Broadway, where he attempted to steal yet another vehicle. Troopers were able to take Delano into custody before that could happen, however. Delano was transported to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center for evaluation, after telling authorities he had ingested an unknown substance, and then to the Penobscot County Jail.

The Bangor Daily News is reporting Delano will make his first appearance in front of a judge today.

"Delano is charged with eluding an officer, passing a roadblock, driving to endanger, burglary and theft. He also was arrested on two outstanding warrants."

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