It almost looks like Santa's been out early this week with his red sleigh and reindeer but look again!


Firefighter Jeff Johnston got a call of a deer stuck on a frozen golf course lake in Sunriver, Oregon on December 8th.  The small deer lost its footing after getting onto the ice but seemed stuck with a sleigh to guide it.

Lucky for this little darling he was able to scoot it back onto land with his new, red ice-rescue sled and red suit and make your holidays just a little more happier.

“JJ was talking to it the whole time,” said Tammie Waters, office manager for the Sunriver Fire Department. “The deer played along pretty good.”

Waters says it was the inaugural rescue mission for the sled, which was purchased with a grant from Firehouse Subs, a sandwich restaurant chain, she said. She hopes it never happens, but when someone falls through the ice or is stuck on thin ice, the sled will be put to use.

“It was a great way to get training, and rescue a deer,” Waters said.

Maine has it's share of deer rescues.  Check out this video from 2015 of a deer stuck on the ice on Weymouth Pond in St. Albans with local firefighters attempting to rescue the tired animal.


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