It's puzzling, really. And maybe it's just because I personally think some stuff goes viral for the dumbest reasons.

But going viral for "winter safety driving tips" when snow is going to start hitting New England tonight and all through tomorrow (and then apparently a possible Nor'Easter-like storm Sunday night Monday, according to NEWS CENTER Maine) just seems...


Rolly Garcia via Facebook
Rolly Garcia via Facebook

Winter in New England

No need to go over snow totals so far this season, because: 1) Who cares about that deep dive, and 2) We know that it's been a really mild winter so far.

But most of us reading this are more than likely New England natives. Which means, whether you're in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island -- hell, we'll even include Connecticut this time although CT is definitely the redheaded stepchild of New England (I can say that because I have a ginger beard) -- you know what to expect during winter.

Winter Driving in New England

Which makes zero sense why a video about safe driving tips during winter would go viral. Sure, the timing makes sense because it sounds like most of Northern New England will get, quoting NEWS CENTER Maine Chief Meteorologist Todd Gutner, "a solid four-to-eight inches," but still.

Rolly Garcia via Facebook
Rolly Garcia via Facebook

Most of us have been used to driving through New England winters/snow our whole lives. So why are we suddenly in need of driving tips? (And don't say, "Well, because there's some people who drive like buttwipes when it snows out," because they do that regardless of the weather, and most times it's people in big trucks making up for something small.)

(Also, people who drive big trucks, don't beat me up. I'm not saying all of you drive big trucks to make up for something small, just some of you. Probably.)

Anyway, I digress. If somehow you've forgotten how to drive through snow since we haven't gotten a lot of it this winter, here's a quickie reminder of how to do it safely, according to some random dude named Rolly Garcia. Who we've made viral for some reason.

So, now you should be fully ready to rock and roll for the incoming snow tonight into tomorrow. In case somehow even though you've probably spent most of your life in New England, you forgot or something?

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