Simple question: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Male or female. Whether you wear them or not doesn’t count, just a simple guess as to how many you have.

Reason to ask, there was a survey that was sent to me yesterday.  And the results initially surprised me.

Firstly, your answer doesn’t really matter. The average Mainer in the survey says they have 16 pairs of shoes.  Personally, that is probably right around what I own.  But I bet I only wear 5 or 6 pair. Ever.

Some obviously would suggest that having 16 pairs is extravagant. Some would say that is an amateur.

The survey included all kinds of shoes, including snow boots and hiking boots and dress shoes and casual shoes and running shoes plus things like sandals and crocs.

And Maine is listed as the #1 state in America with the highest number of shoes per person.

That baffled me. Here's the survey.

Aren’t we simple?  Wearing the same pair of all-purpose shoes until they are literally worn out?

What is your favorite shoe that you wear most often?  Most picked sneakers,

Sport shoes running Close-up
ekapong_1980, ThinkStock

... followed by boots,

Hiking boot closeup, winter walking in snow. Closeup of winter shoes.
Getty Images

... followed by flip-flops.

Pink flip flops isolated on blue background. Top view
Getty Images

Those are the top 3.  No matter the season.

Maybe Mainers own the most pairs of shoes because we don’t get rid of shoes that might not be ready for the landfill.

Oh, these are still okay. I’ll wear them again someday.

And someday never comes.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Enjoy your collection. And congrats on being #1 in all the land.

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