Tell the truth, did you even watch it?

Not this guy. In fact, pretty much all the commercials are released ahead of time now, so it wasn't even worth it for that. I didn't even know who was in the big game this year. Not until this morning. So it naturally got me wondering, did anybody who lives in Maine or New England even watch the game.

I mean, the realistic answer is, of course some folks did. But the Patriots weren't anywhere near it this year. Even Tom Brady super fans didn't get to see Old Tom in the game. That might've even kept a few people interested enough in what was happening. But my Facebook/Twitter feed told a very interesting story.

Social media would indicate there was only one thing anyone cared about.

As I scrolled through my feeds this morning, almost all my friends said the same thing... Did you see that halftime show?! It's like no one cared at all for what happened the rest of the game. And that was almost it. I didn't even see someone post the final of the score of the game until 8:45am Monday morning. Seriously. That's it. So that leads to another question....

Do you actually enjoy football, or do you just enjoy when New England is in the big game? Do you just stop giving a crap about the whole sport once the beloved Pats are out? Are you even a fan of sports? I know these are the tough questions no one really wants to answer honestly, but here we are.

Granted, it's like most things in life. Once the stuff you care about is over, we stop caring about the big picture. I'm guilty. I didn't even consider the game without any of our locals in it. I guess we'll have to wait until next year and see. But let's stop pretending we care when there's no New England.

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