Have you ever gotten a "welcome basket"?

Never in all my life, anywhere I've gone, I've never received a welcome basket. Like, do they even exist? I hear people speak of them like they're a thing, but I've never seen one. I've gotten plenty of thank you gifts over the years, but never one for simply moving in next door. If you tend to give them, then kudos to you for being awesome.

But I saw this thread on Reddit that I couldn't get out of my head all morning. In a nutshell, someone asked what sorts of items you'd put in a gift basket for someone that just recently moved to Maine. I guess to give them an idea of what life is like around these parts? Either way, the answers were numerous, and creative.

As you'd imagine, most of the thread was "wrong answers".

As the thing I often love most about Reddit threads, it was mostly what one could describe as wrong answers. However, they're only wrong in the sense that they ring with a certain amount of uncomfortable truth. Like, it's hard to read that maybe a Maine gift basket should come with a flier for local rehabs might sting a bit, but it's kinda true.

So I went ahead and gathered up a ton of the best responses in the thread so you didn't have to wade through all the bull crap and just head straight to the good stuff. I figure it's my gift to you, hahaha.

For the record, if I were going to add anything "good", I'd add a lifetime supply of wiper fluid. You'll go through the whole supply your first winter. If I were going to add something "bad"? Probably a bottle of Allen's... but leave out the milk.

Here are 21 perfect good/bad items for a 'Welcome to Maine' basket...

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