Governor Janet Mills spoke out this week about a Portland hospital's decision to use Maine COVID-19 vaccines to protect out-of-state contractors.

MaineHealth offered the vaccine to consultants who came to Maine for an informational session, according to the hospital. WMTW-TV says the employees of Reliant Labor Consultants were brought to Maine just as the nurses at the hospital were considering a strike. MaineHealth has since acknowledged that they offered the vaccine, as part of providing it to all frontline workers in their hospital.

Governor Janet Mills released a statement on Tuesday, condemning the decision by MaineHealth, calling it an 'inexcusable act.' She said we have a limited supply and so must prioritize its distribution to those most in need. At this point, that includes frontline workers and people over 70, who are most at risk of complications.

"Beyond that, vaccinating out-of-state contractors who came here to disrupt a union organizing effort was an insult to the hardworking nurses trying to assert their rights and to those who are waiting patiently for their turn - the 80 year old grandmother who hasn't seen her family in months, the man being treated for cancer, the teacher wanting to return to the classroom, the grocery clerks and delivery drivers who are exposed to the public and working to put food on the table."

She says the hospital has now agreed to comply with the current strategy, being required of all healthcare facilities.

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