Do you eat any blueberries over the weekend?  In any form?

Okay if you didn’t, today is another day of summer in Maine, but this past weekend was the First Wild Blueberry Weekend. If you didn’t hear anything about it, prior to Friday night or Saturday morning, the announcement by the State government flew mostly under the radar last month.  But that’s alright. We love our blueberries, and we’ll continue to consume them this time of year.

Blueberries are native to Maine and of course high in antioxidants, but we ate them happily long before we knew what antioxidants were, right.

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There are now blueberry mixed drinks, blueberry wine, all kinds of blueberry deserts, and of course "all alone untouched and not in a recipe" blueberries. Maybe the "official" blueberry weekend will be a bigger deal next year and down the road, but if not for most Mainers the appreciation is still there. Blueberries are held in high esteem.  Long live the wild blueberry.

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