The actual license plates pictured are out on the road in Maine. And they don’t have the letters blacked out like in the photo.

Quick re-cap: Years ago restrictions were loosened on vanity license plates. That is when we began to see the F-bomb and other words, we sure were not used to seeing as we drove all over Maine.

Now, Maine Secretary of State Bellows has released the draft rule regarding obscene license plates.

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The only ones a few years ago that were being rejected were calls to violence and other similar topics. But a change is coming.

Obviously, when you see license plates as in the photo, plenty of people are going to be offended. And lots were, and many took it a step further and complained about the vanity plates.

Senator Bill Diamond of Windham helped put forth legislation that addressed the vulgarity popping up on the plates.

The pictured plates were provided to the Legislature last year as they considered a bill to restrict those.

Now it's time for new rules for Vanity License Plates

Again, these plates were, or still are on the road, and now the state government has passed the rules to recall plates that they deem offensive, and to restrict them in the future.

Easy for anyone seeing those plates, or just by reading this account, to form an opinion as to which side you would line up on.

If you can't say it on the radio, the government shouldn't be printing it on government-owned registration plates

said Secretary of State Shenna Bellows

People can do what they want with their bumper stickers or detailing, but the government doesn't have to produce obscenity or profanity.

As often as we might hear the words we disguised in the photo, most Mainers do not want to see them, permanently on a license plate.

If you have a vanity license plate that has been deemed obscene, you will get a notice in the mail. And a chance to appeal the decision.

But not tomorrow.

Secretary Bellows says

This will take some time to judge plates and make the decision what ones go and what one are okay to stay.

Meantime, consult your Urban Dictionary.

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