When people talk about kids these days, they may think that the future isn't bright.  But, these Maine students will change your mind and see that the future is full of courageous, quick-thinking young people. Be proud.

Morning bus ride calls for quick thinking by Maine students

NewsCenter Maine is reporting that on Monday morning, a school bus driver had a medical emergency while driving a school bus full of students. Several students on the bus were able to work together to pull the bus over to safety, including pulling the emergency brake of the bus. In doing so the bus did not suffer any damage, and no students were harmed during the act.

During the medical emergency one student called 911 while another student started performing CPR on the bus driver. Other students got out of the bus and started diverting traffic around the bus.

The bus was heading to the schools of Mount Ararat Middle School and Mount Ararat High School on Route 201 in Topsham during the 7 o'clock hour this morning.

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A medical emergency

First responders arrived using defibrillators and, eventually, the driver was taken by Lifeflight to Maine Medical Center. News Center Maine is reporting that the driver of the bus was 77-year-old Arthur McDougall of Lisbon who has passed since the incident took place.

Our hearts go out to the students who reacted in incredible circumstances that certainly show the hearts and minds of Maine's future are in good hands. Our deepest condolences to those connected with Mr. McDougall and to the children who were on the bus.

Incredible acts of courage

We are proud of these Maine students: the teamwork they practiced and quick thinking involved. We are thankful for the lives you continued and hold reverence for the one life lost. We hold you all in our hearts and our thoughts across the State of Maine.

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