The Maine State Police are on a hunt this week...but not for a criminal.

They're looking for the owner of a certain Nintendo Switch, which they now have in their possession.

How did it come to them? Well, that's what's odd. Someone found it along the Interstate, and then turned it in to the authorities.

They posted on The Maine State Police Facebook Page today:

"Maine State Police out of Troop E are trying to find the owner of a Nintendo Switch that was found between mile marker 171 and 172 northbound on I-95 by a good Samaritan. The switch was in a brown leather case. If you believe this is your property, please contact the Bangor Regional Communications Center at 207-973-3700 x.9 and be prepared to tell us your user-name and description of the case to claim your property."

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There was plenty of speculation being thrown about the comment section, mind you. Quite a few folks surmised that this particular Switch may have ended up outside of the vehicle because an annoyed parent had perhaps met their limit of patience for the day.

Said one person:

"It was probably an angry parent who was tired of the kids fighting over it after a long trip and had, had enough and threw it out the window...problem solved, now nobody  can play with it....ah silence in the backseat at last."

Another chimed in, with a tone of someone quite knowledgeable in this area:

"Maine State Police if it is connected to an online account, I'm sure you could contact Nintendo with the serial code on the back and they could reach out to that family."

And yet a third, somewhat tongue-and-cheek offered this:

"You should issue a ticket for littering and then seek restitution for the cost of your professional detective services. Glad you have added lost and found duty to your protect and serve profile."

Lots of opinions, but so far, no one has come forward to claim said Switch. So if you're missing one, or no someone who may have "misplaced" their gaming system on the side of the interstate, the Maine State Police are standing by to assist in the reunification process.

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