Start making your campground reservations now!

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is taking reservations for camping at all Maine State Parks starting today. Last Monday started reservations for just Sebago Lake State Park and last Friday we were scheduled to begin reserving camping spots at all other Maine State Parks. With the state offices closed on Friday due to the snowstorm, we finally get to make our camping reservations starting today at all Maine State Park.

An Annual Mainer Tradition

Camping as a Mainer is kind of expected as part of your summertime activities.  If you do an annual camping trip as I do, now is the time to figure out your dates and make your reservations to camp at a destination throughout the state to take in some beauty and nature of the Maine great outdoors.

A list of Maine State Parks

First, you gotta figure out which State Park to visit:

Campground rates for these locations start at $15 for Maine residents but do also check out the family/group camping up to 6 people, which is an additional $5 per night.

Check out reservation fees at the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands website for the State Parks listed above.

Group camping info can be found here through the Bureau of Parks and Lands page on the website.

A change to permits this year

This year, Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is changing one aspect of reserving a spot where calling to reserve will eliminate paper permits from being mailed to you. Instead, reserving a campsite at a Maine State Park by telephone will require downloading a permit that will be emailed to you instead. Here's how Parks and Lands stated this on the reservations website:

"Beginning this year, 2022, the Reservation Call Center will no longer be mailing paper permits to campers who make their camping reservations over the phone. Every phone reservation will receive an emailed confirmation and permit to download and present at the entrance booth when checking in. The occupant name on the permit must still match the valid ID credential presented at the time of check-in."



How to reserve your Maine State Park campsite

Reserve your camping trip online at or give the reservation center a call at 800-332-1501, for Maine residents.  There's also an email address available:

Calling the Reservation Center?  Note that their hours are 9 AM - 4 PM weekdays.

Happy camping, even if summer seems sooooo far away.

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