The temperatures are starting to get a little warmer and cabin fever is hitting hard.  Harness that restlessness by getting your spring cleaning done.

We tend to focus on cleaning our home for spring cleaning like washing the windows, cleaning out the cabinets, going through the closets.  Wiping things down, vacuuming up and throwing away.  But, one place to consider during your spring cleaning adventures in the coming weeks is the garage.

The garage can become a depository of many items that you just want to get out of the house but there are a few items you may be storing that should never be in the garage.  These items can be ruined by the conditions in a garage, can attract unwanted pests or can even be dangerous to keep.

Reader's Digest came up with a great list of items that inspired us when it comes to spring cleaning the garage, especially since we endure cold temperatures here in Maine.  These cold temperatures make for a less tolerable storage space but, what should we really focus on when spring cleaning out the garage?

We want to ensure your spring cleaning experience is a thorough and thoughtful one so check out the items we want to bring to your attention that should not be stored in the garage.  It may be another chore to add to your already incredibly large spring cleaning list but these pointers could save you time, money, aggravation and even save your garage, in extreme cases.

Here is a list of things not to store in your garage to ensure that things are safely stored for the protection of yourself, others and your wallet.

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