Did you start your Maine business before the pandemic? During the pandemic? Are you an underrepresented entrepreneur? All of these things and more could get you some funds for economic recovery.

The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development focuses on enhancing and sustaining Maine's economic present and future. And, starting November 1st, Maine small businesses are being offered free money to make up for some lost efforts with having a business during the pandemic.

Where did this money come from?

The State of Maine is offering 'Economic Recovery Grants' that utilize Federal funding from pandemic relief. Maine received $4.5 billion from the American Rescue Plan to help with recovery and a portion of these funds are being used to invest in the economic future for Maine and Mainers during this time and beyond.

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Short-term and long-term programs are available with an application portal available today. The Maine.gov webpage featuring this information also states that as more funds become available, more grants will be added to this page. So bookmark it!

Which Mainers are these grants for?

The grants are for existing businesses before the pandemic, those who started a business at the start or during the pandemic, entrepreneurs, research and development, and for those who assist businesses. Here are the grants Maine's small businesses can apply for starting today, November 1, 2021.

Available grants for Maine businesses and entrepreneurs starting today

Maine Economic Recovery Grants: Funding for additional recovery grants for Maine businesses and organizations.

Maine New Business Recovery Grants: One-time funding for new businesses and entrepreneurs not qualified for previous recovery funds due to the timing of business start or acquisition.

Maine New Business Recovery Technical Assistance: Funding for organizations providing technical assistance to new businesses and entrepreneurs with economic recovery.

Maine Diversity Technical Assistance Grants: One-time funding for technical assistance funds for business diversity initiatives.

Maine Underrepresented Entrepreneurs Training: One-time funding for entrepreneurial training for underrepresented populations.

Maine Technology R&D and Innovation Financing: One-time funding for support and leverage of private investments for research, development, and innovation in the State's technology sectors.

Maine Domestic Trade Grants: One-time funding to support grants and contracts for project partners for state trade promotion opportunities for companies in Maine.

Maine Forest Products Industry Grants: Through the Maine Technology Institute, offering funds supporting economic recovery and development opportunities in the forest products industry.

Check the Maine.gov website for more details for all of these programs and for more opportunities in the future including a credit initiative with the Finance Authority of Maine.

Other state agencies and federal grants information will also be posted on this Maine.gov webpage now and into the future, so, again, bookmark this page!

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