In the future, the world has gone quiet. A group of Mainers are left in the dark as to what happened and why. They journey together as a band to the north to find answers.

This is the premise of a series written by Mainer Brooke Grondin. It is a 'dystopian' series that was dreamed up by the writer, quite literally. She dreamed the series and is now looking to film the pilot episode.

A Series In the Works

The series is titled 'The City of Children' and has actors cast, locations selected and actors chosen to take on the filming of the first episode. Some have compared the concept of the show to that of Game of ThronesDivergent, and Hunger Games. The series has 8 seasons already planned out, has a distributer in place but, is still looking for investors and donations to get the pilot filmed, planned for the end of the summer/ start of the fall in 2022.

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More about 'The City of Children'

A few more details about the series is explained on their GoFundMe page, including where the group of Mainers are from that the series about:

The City of Children is a future, dystopian, television series about a small group of citizens who leave their secluded town of Buxton, Maine, to journey north in search of the truth about what happened to their world twenty years earlier.
Twenty years ago, they were heading up into the mountains for a wilderness survival trip with their teacher, Mr. Thatcher, the weekend before graduation, to show off the skills they had learned during class. Little did they know that the world they had known when they went up, would not be the same when they came back down.
Overnight, an EMP attack knocks out power and in rolls a regime that would rule over and oppress their town for the next 20 years. But first, they took all their children away. It has been 20 years and no one has ever gotten an answer to where they took them, or why.

The Multifaceted Brooke Grondin

Brooke Elizabeth Grondin's own personal story of living in Maine is one of hardship and overcoming the odds. She spent her youth and early adulthood homeless in Portland with dreams of being in the entertainment industry. Her culinary skills got her into the spotlight when she became a Master Chef, even serving as the President of the United States Chapter of The World Association of Master Chefs. In the GoFundMe Page she explains that her ultimate goal has come back around and now is the time to pursue that: "When I was on the streets all those years (10+) I knew one day, I would return to my dream of film making when I could."

For more about the series or to help out with funding the project, check out the official website for 'The City of Children' and follow the project on Facebook.

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