While a portion of New Englanders seem to not possibly careless about the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together (although it hasn't been officially confirmed, but let's face it, they pretty much are), there's another chunk of New England that's completely fascinated and polarized by it.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited

In case you missed it, a week or two after officially announcing her split with Alex Rodriguez (although the split had been rumored for weeks before that, as well), J-Lo was seen with her former fiance. But Jen and Ben's hang that day was downplayed as simply two friends that have been friends for a long time having lunch.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, news came out that Ben brought Jen to his private cabin in Montana for a week-long getaway, both returning the day before Mother's Day so they could spend the holiday with their respective mothers.

Bennifer 2.0

Based off all the time Jen and Ben seem to be spending with each other, the term "Bennifer 2.0" has been tossed around, suggesting that they're back together (as well as being a play off their original "couple name" of "Bennifer" from when they were together between 2002 and 2004.) And it's been tossed around so much so, that even the Boston Red Sox are getting in on the madness.

Back when Jen and Ben were together and engaged in the early 2000s, they were seen at Fenway on the regular taking in Red Sox games. Although, when you look at the details as far as the Sox are involved -- while they were together, the Sox dropped some heartbreakers in the playoffs, most notably the Aaron Boone homer that sent the Yankees to the World Series in 2003 instead of the Sox.

Did the Bennifer break-up break the Curse of the Bambino?


Yet after Bennifer split in January 2004, later that baseball season, the Sox went on an 8-game winning streak after being down 3-games-to-0 to the Yankees in the ALCS, and went on to not only eliminate the Yanks, but also destroy the St. Louis Cardinals to win their first World Series title in 86 years and effectively break "The Curse of the Bambino."

So, when you look at it that way -- should the Sox really want Jen and Ben back together, especially at Fenway Park?!

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