Turns out Vacationland is not the same as Disneyland according to data shown Maine is not the happiest place in America.

Wallethub's data results were based on things like over-all physical health, job satisfaction, environment, social connectivity and general outlook on life.

Maine is not the happiest state, nor is it the least happy state. Maine falls in at #32 with low scores for 'Emotional and Physical Wellbeing' and 'Communities, Environment, and Activities'. Our highest score was for overall well being and happiness in the workplace. We are tied with Oklahoma for the highest depression rate in America however, which drops us lower in the rankings.

Source: WalletHub

As you can see on the map above Utah ranks as the happiest state in the country. For those who think money can buy happiness, this is proof you are wrong or the happiest states would have been Nevada or California.

The least happy state in the country is West Virginia