Bangor Uncorked is our cluster of radio stations party and it is Saturday October 15th at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Today is the last day to purchase the most inexpensive tickets. Prices go up tomorrow,.

Okay with that being said, for those who can’t wait for that event, get Saturday September 10th on your calendar for Maine Open Winery Day 2022.

Dozens and dozens of wineries all over the state of Maine will be hosting tastings, tours and special events to celebrate Maine Open Winery Day.

Next Saturday is the date that Maine’s wine makers showcase their wineries. Customers get to learn more about the making of wine from the traditional and not so traditional products

Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash

This too is a party.

And each winery participates at different levels of party mode. All showcase their wine, but some also have food trucks and live bands.

Others may be a little more laid back and one on one as they proudly showcase their products.

Both types of wineries make this an eventful day.

Photo by Evie Fjord on Unsplash
Photo by Evie Fjord on Unsplash

You can find a complete list of the participating wineries all over the state here.

Here are ten of the participating wineries closest to our area.

A Wild Fern Winery at 235 Farmington Falls Road in Farmington

Anthony Lee’s Winery 377 Dover Road in Dexter

Bar Harbor Cellars 854 State Highway 3 Bar Harbor

Cellardoor Winery The Vineyard at 367 Youngtown Road in Lincolnville

Dragonfly Farm & Winery at 1069 Mullen Road Stetson

Oyster River Winegrowers 31 Elm Street in Camden

Stone Tree Farm and Cidery 317 Albion Road in Albion

Tree Spirits Winery & Distillery 152 Fairfield street in Oakland

Two Hogs Winery 186 Mudget Hill Road in Vasselboro

Winterport Winery/Penobscot Bay Brewery 279 South Main Street Winterport

Photo by Thomas Schaefer on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Schaefer on Unsplash

Lots to do and see and sip and sample for the day.

Get in touch with whomever you want to visit for hours of operation on Saturday the 10th, and enjoy the experience.

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