Finally, a reason to watch the Grammys.

Amy Allen, who grew up in Windham and South Portland and went to Waynefleete was just nominated in a new category for the Grammys - songwriter of the year. I will be plopped in front of the TV rooting for this incredible talent on February 5 on CBS.


According to the Portland Press Herald, Amy Allen has grown into a prolific writer for some of the biggest names in music: Halsey, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and Harry Styles. She told the Press Herald,

I’m honestly without words, but I’ve always dreamt of being nominated for a Grammy in any capacity, so this nomination in particular is just unimaginable for me. For so long, songwriters have been the unseen engine behind the music industry, so for the Grammys to add this category is just a massive, historical win for songwriters everywhere.

You can see why she was nominated in this newly created category. She has a list of songs released in the past year or so that got her the nomination -

  • “Matilda,” by Harry Styles
  • “If You Love Me,” by Lizzo
  • “Heartbeat,” by Shawn Mendes
  • “Move Me,” by Charli XCX
  • “Vicious” by Sabrina Carpenter
  • "My Mind and Me,” by Selena Gomez
  • "10:35,” by Tiesto and Tate McRae
  • “For My Friends,” “Dotted Lines” and “Too Bad,” by King Princess
  • “If We Were A Party,” “The Hardest Part” and “Magic Wand,” by Alexander23.

Amy had some stiff competition and was picked from a list of 62 eligible writers.

When the new category was announced and her name was bounced around as a possible nominee, she posted a sweet and hysterical Instagram.

Amy has a lot of respect and gratitude for those that have helped and supported her over the years. That includes a lot of Mainers. She is grateful for her manager, Gabz Landman, her family, Maine music producer Charlie Gaylord and her “first true mentor and teacher,” Carter Logan of the Maine bluegrass group Jerks of Grass.

I've met Amy and seen her in concert (yes, she can sing too!) and she is as down to earth as anyone. But beneath that calm exterior lies a wealth of talent. Talent that deserves to have a Grammy on her mantle.


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