You may remember back in 2016 that Maine voters approved a law to raise the state's  minimum wage from $10 an hour to $11 an hour. Well that law goes into effect on January 1 and social media is filled with mixed opinions on it.

The law passed in 2016 also calls for a raise to $12 and hour in 2020 and increase in later years based on a formula that factors in the cost of living in Maine. The new law also will cause tipped employees wages to increase from $5 to $5.50 an hour.

As with so many issues in Maine, we're a state divided on the minimum wage increase. Governor LePage tweeted back in July his feelings on the impending minimum wage hike.

Many other Mainer's have done the same recently on social media, and you can see the split.

Everyone is giving their opinions, so let's hear yours. What do you think about the minimum wage increase going into effect on January 1? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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