According to the Kennebec Journal, an 84-year-old Rockland man is facing a charge of Class C criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon following an altercation that occurred at the Shaw's Supermarket back on the 28th of June.

According to reports, George D. Kibitz was carrying a concealed firearm when he confronted a 56-year-old man and unidentified woman about the two of them not wearing face masks in the store. He indicated that maybe he should 'shoot' people who don't wear masks. At that time Kibitz reportedly pulled up his shirt to reveal a concealed firearm.

Kibitz has since been released on bail and is not allowed to return to Shaw's or have contact with the two people he threatened. Kibitz made his initial court appearance on Monday at the Knox County Court. The charge is a felony, so no plea was entered.

This isn't the first report of a face mask confrontation involving a gun in the city of Rockland. Back in July, police were called after a customer at the Rockland Dunkin' said another customer who wasn't wearing a mask lifted up his shirt to say he couldn't wear a mask because he was wearing 'this', revealing a concealed firearm. A further investigation of store security footage reveal the man never actually lifted his shirt and displayed a weapon.

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