Just one day after deer hunting season closed, a man in the western mountains of Maine worked with the Maine Warden Service to rescue a buck trapped in frozen Flagstaff Lake.

Justin Wyman joked, "Well... unexpectedly took the boat out of storage today."

The buck appeared to have been treading water for over two hours and was losing his battle to stay alive in the frigid waters. Justin and the Maine Warden Service worked to break through several inches of ice and coax the tired and frightened animal about 300 yards to shore.

Once the deer reached safety, he quietly settled in for rest after the exhausting ordeal. Justin said he regained his strength and energy after a few hours and made his way deeper into the woods.

It feels good seeing people come together and care for Maine's wildlife, the warden service may get paid to do it but they do it because of their love of the woods and wildlife and would do the same thing even if they weren't.

- Justin Wyman

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