It's been 19 months so far...

It's hard to believe. But it's been 19 months since the first time I heard the term "coronavirus". Even then, I didn't think much of it. I remember the SARS and swine flu outbreaks several years ago, and assumed it would be about the same kind of deal then. A lot of news coverage, for very few cases worldwide.

But no... I was wicked wrong. It shut the whole world down. And at this point, historically speaking, we can all generally agree that it jumped species at the open-air market in Wuhan, China. They must finally be getting tired of hearing it, because now they're shifting blame from their market to our backyard.

The Sina news portal is the largest state-run news in China.

Well folks, hold onto your hats, because Sina news, according to the Portland Press Herald, is now saying the virus can be traced all the way back to a shipment of Maine lobster from a company called the "Seashell Company" in York. Suuuuure it did. There's only one small issue with that theory.

There's no such company in Maine under that name.

Go figure..... it doesn't even exist. Well, not exactly. In the original article they published, it had a map of Maine, and the place they seem to be calling out is Maine Coast Shellfish, which brings a substantial amount of seafood to our tables every day. Sina news believes somehow, 55 cases of Lobster are at the root of the entire pandemic.

The Maine CDC, the federal CDC, and just about anyone in between has labeled the theory absolutely false. Obviously, Chinese media is tired of taking all the blame and is now just flinging stuff at the walls to see if anything sticks. The only hole I can see in their theory is that there were no identifiable cases here before that. So if it's lobster's fault.....

They've even gone so far as to try and link the e-cigarette illnesses of 2019 as more proof that the virus started here. Whaaaat?! Hey, I don't make this stuff up, I just let you know the hilarious ideas that the internet sends my way. But seriously, I don't puff those e-cig thingies, but maybe someone should while they eat a lobster, just to prove a point.....

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