It's always seemed to me like Maine is a great place for pets to call home, but I never realized it was this good According to a recent study by Safewise, Maine was ranked the #3 safest state for pets in the country! The study used data from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BringFido, and the nØkill Network to find the most and least pet-friendly states. The only other two state that did better than Maine were Oregon (#1) and Colorado (#2).

There was good news for our neighbors in the Granite State too - New Hampshire made the top 10, ranking number ten in the study.

Of course, you're probably curious about who didn't do so well. Iowa, Missouri, and Wyoming were ranked the least pet friendly states. The only state in the northeast that made the top ten least pet friendly states was New York.

I've always thought that Maine is a great state for my dog to call home, and she agrees!


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