It is always hard to come up with the perfect name for your new pet. Yes, sometimes when you adopt, your new cat, dog, guinea pig, etc. they already have a name, but it is really up to you what you would like to name them.

I remember when I got my first young cat, I tried so hard to get my mother to let me change its name, but she wouldn't budge...I was stuck with the name "Gunther." It wasn't until I got my first kitten that I was able to finally pick a name that I wanted for her. Being a big Disney fan, I chose a name that many Disney fans probably name their female cat...Nala (after "The Lion King").

There are so many names to choose from when naming your new furry family member, that sometimes it is hard to pick the right one. Yes, there are pet name generators online, but, it is always much more fun trying to come up with your own name (even though it can be a little stressful).

Of course, you can always choose a name related to something that you enjoy. It could be your favorite movie, TV show, performance, historian, radio on-air personality, etc.

If you are a Mainer, that loves all that Maine has to offer, well then you may want to name your new furry family member after someplace, someone, or something that is in Maine.

Keep scrolling to see some unique Maine-inspired pet names that any pet would love to have.

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