In a developing story, first reported on by Bangor Daily News, inside a cabinet at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Lewiston was a 'wall of shame' that reportedly contains confidential patient information. Reports are that employees created this to let others know about disabled patients' body odor and private parts. Former patient turned employee, MyKayla McCann was the first person to make a report about the 'wall'. McCann resigned from the hospital in 2017 sighting a 'hostile work environment'.

It had been labeled a “wall of fame,” though the word “fame” had a line through it and was replaced by “shame.” Pieces of medical records had been attached to the door. The records had information detailing patients’ "sexual activity, genital dysfunction, bowel movements, bodily odors, and other personal maladies,” according to the investigator’s report.

In December, the hospital fired one person and issued a warning to another over accessing her private records.

The investigation by the Maine Human Rights Commission found the exhibit contributed to a hostile work environment, but they did not find that the hospital had retaliated against her for reporting her concerns.

Saint Mary's is operated by Covenant Health based in Massachusetts.


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