The University of Maine and the University of Maine Machias is waiving tuition costs for all qualified high schoolers in the State of Maine to earn college credits.

Qualified students can earn up to 12 college credits per year through the University of Maine and the University of Maine Machias.

These two schools have partnered with the Maine Department of Education to offer this opportunity with over 100 summer courses available completely online for students to choose from.

Course dates are available throughout the summer, for each month, from May to August.

Credits earned will be accepted for a majority of colleges nationwide, including the University of Maine system.


Benefits for early college courses include, receiving credits that can go towards both your high school diploma and towards college, receiving a degree in less time, saving money on tuition and other expenses, an easier transition from high school to college and the ability to really get to know the field you want to get into before finishing up high school.

  • be a full-time high school student
  • receive a recommendation from a guidance counselor
  • have parent or guardian consent
  • Be in good academic standing or have permission from a guidance counselor
  • be a Maine resident
  • Have academic course prerequisites, if applicable
  • Be attending a state-eligible secondary school or a state-approved homeschool

To register online, visit the ExplorEC website.  There, high schoolers will create an account and start the application process.

You can visit the Early College websites for the University of Maine and the University of Maine Machias to find out more.

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