Yesterday it was announced that Maine's community colleges will be offering free classes this summer for eligible students.

This offering is in response to the pandemic which has seen Maine students, especially those that had started community college in 2020, decrease in enrollment.  In 2020, enrollment in Maine's community colleges fell 8%, a trend seen across the board in university and colleges alike.

The program is a way to get students re-engaged with the opportunities that community colleges can offer for a future working career with courses that will be available in-person and online with convenient flexible times.

All high school students can benefit from this free course offering but there are different programs depending on the status of the student, specifically soon-to-be graduates versus a high school student who will be continuing high school in the fall.

The program hopes to target soon-to-be graduating high school seniors to give them a jump start on the process with the 'Momentum from the Start' program.  The program will waive eligible participants by waiving tuition and fees but not books and materials.

Interested graduating high school students can apply online by visiting the Maine's Community Colleges webpage 'How to Apply' to choose the school they would like to attend and apply.

High school students who are continuing high school in the fall can take advantage of a free summer class with the 'Aspirations' program which allows high school students to earn college credits each academic year.

Interested high school students can connect with their guidance counselor at school or apply online using the Maine Community College OnCourse portal.

For more about yesterdays announcement, visit the Maine Community Colleges website.

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