Let's hope to God you don't need to be in one, but if you do, Maine is where to be.


Hospital safety is always important, but right now during a pandemic, it's even more so. New regulations have been put in place throughout the U.S. to make sure hospitals are safe for all patients. It's truly a matter of life and death and reducing the number of preventable errors and accidents is crucial.

Grand Canyon University looked at hospital safety across America. They ranked states according to the percentage of their ‘A’ grade hospitals. This was all gathered from The LeapFrog Group, and earning an ‘A’ grade means a hospital has minimal accidents.

Go Fish Digital
Go Fish Digital

Maine was not only first for hospital safety, but it was almost 4.5% higher than second-place Virginia. That is very impressive.

Mississippi came in dead last with only 33% of their hospitals receiving an 'A' grade. That is so upsetting, especially with coronavirus cases on the rise in Mississippi. Just another reason it's good to be a Mainer these days.



Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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