Before I get into it, I would like to show my support to all you women named Karen out there. It used to be easy to be a Karen. I don't think I knew a Karen I didn't like. My first crush in grade school was a Karen. I am PRO-KAREN. I am on TEAM KAREN. But the whole Karen Meme thing now makes it tough to actually be named Karen.  Now we discover that Maine has a plethora of Karens. Not the "let me speak to your manager" Karen. Or the " there's no way in hell I'm wearing a mask and getting vaccinated" Karen. But actual people named Karen. There are 1,112,182 Karens in the USA. It's the 36th most-popular name in the country for women.

This map from Dwyer at the University of Karen...I mean Kansas, shows the average number of people named Karen in the USA born between 1960 and 1975. So, these would be Karen's aged-46 to 61. You'll see that Maine is in the red with the highest concentration of Karens around.




Wtf? from r/Maine


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