Maine doesn't rank high on the list of places for millennials to live as it is the state with the lowest percentage of millennials residing currently here.

Wallet Hub took a look at those in their late teens to early 30's and where they would be most comfortable and successful in the country. While Maine was not one of the top 10 worst places for millennials to live, it was the place where the least amount are currently living.

Washinton DC was credited with the most millennials with 35.17% compared to Maine's 19.91%. Maine also ranked low for average millennial home income and was also one of the states with the most cases of depression in millennials.

Overall the Dakotas and Minnesota topped the list as the best places for millennials to live in the country. West Virginia, Alabama, and Mississippi were named the worst. Maine almost fell right in the middle at the 24th best place for millennials to live in the country.

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