Technology nowadays is pretty incredible, but also kinda creepy. While we expect to be asked permission for our information, there are many ways it's given without us knowing. Think of all the information stored in your phone that you also use online apps with. If you really sit and ponder about it, you might start Googling how to protect your privacy a little better... yet, that search is probably recorded somewhere and retrievable and used at someone at some point.

Here in Maine, we may think that Big Brother may be around but isn't keeping track of lil ol' you. There are some shoppers in Portland who may be rethinking that now.

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A Hannaford in Portland is tracking where shoppers are moving around in the store using devices on the shopping carts.

According to WGME, the Riverside store in Portland is utilizing these devices for information on where shoppers are navigating within the store in order to research ways to better serve customers for future designs of the store.

In a world run amuck with giving away information without our knowledge or understanding of the transaction, here's another one that may benefit our shopping experiences in the future but, who really knows what we are actually giving away.

We want to know, would you use a shopping cart knowing that it was keeping track of where your movements within the store? Vote below, we'd like to know.

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