It's always good to see when people have had good things happen to them, they then pay it forward to make sure good things happen to others. According to Fox 23, Alicia Fornier had her wish granted by Make A Wish ten years ago when she got to meet Zac Efron. Surely, that must have made her year! Now Alicia's back and ready to help other wishes be granted. She's recently started a film production/ Facebook page called What are you afraid of? The goal is to get people to watch this movie and donate to Make A Wish. 

We know how important these wishes are wishes can't wait and wishes can't stop because of the pandemic, Kids are still sick, so we're doing all we can to bring joy to these children during the pandemic. Alicia’s mother told Fox 23 


Before this year. Alicia and her friends would organize a haunted house that people would walkthrough, but due to social distancing guidelines, they had to be creative, nonetheless. If you wanted to check out the movie called What are you afraid of? You can check it out by going to her Facebook page or clicking this link. 


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