A Maine paranormal group captured some creepy evidence at a 186 year-old seminary.

Back in June, local paranormal investigators 207 Paranormal captured some pretty freaky video while investigating the Parsonsfield Seminary in Parsonsfield, Maine. The joint investigation with the Maine Afterlife Research Society invited the public to tour the seminary campus in search of paranormal activity.

The video was captured in the bell tower while conducting a "hot seat" session. Members of the tour sat alone in the room without a flashlight. In the video you can see a participant sitting perfectly still when a rubber ball near the bell starts moving.

While we can't say what moved the ball, it's worth noting cameras were rolling for hours and the ball never moved again. The weather that night was calm, so it's not believed the wind moved the ball. If the wind was strong enough to do so, the participant's shirt surly would have rustled. Also the other ball near the bell would have moved as well.

Parsonsfield Seminary was established in 1832. The Free Will Baptist school was in operation for 174 years, before it closed in 1949. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While in operation, the school was a part of the Underground Railroad. It's rumored that when the seminary mysteriously burned down in 1853, two slaves fleeing to Canada and three children died in the blaze. Was one of those children playing with the ball?