Maine is a pretty spectacular place. What makes it incredible is its beautiful wilderness and natural features. For those into spirituality or even pondering the workings of energy, one could entertain that Maine holds some pretty powerful energy from the nature that contains it.

Interesting theories abound about possible energy vortexes or vortices, that could exist across the planet- places that hold powerful meaning to civilizations from the past. Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, the rock formations of Sedona, Arizona, and the pyramids of Giza are examples of locations around the world where it is thought some of these energy vortexes could naturally be.

Does Maine have energy vortices?

So, what locations in Maine could we postulate hold significant natural energy- energy that can help cleanse the spirit and energize the soul? A spiritual lifestyle blog written by Amanda Linette Meder offers clues on where to look and her 'How To Find Energy Vortex Locations' blog post from 2016 outlines where you could potentially find these hot spots of energy if they do exist.

Clues of where Maine's energy spots could be

According to Meder's post, there are a few things we can look for to find a potential energy vortex. The clues lie in large amounts or density of similar elements and intensity of movement.

The most obvious vortex clue is finding elements that flow inward with churning energy, such as spinning air or swirling water. Another clue mentioned in her post was finding large areas of exposed rock, vast regions of untouched wilderness, and large swaths of rapidly moving water. Well, Maine is chock full of all of that! And another factor we will take into consideration is people. Where there are larger densities of people is where we could possibly uncover an energy vortex in the Pine Tree State.

Let's get to my list of possible locations of the energy vortices of Maine!

Here are the spots I focused on. Below I detail why these locations were chosen as possible energy spots of Maine.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
  • Eastport: The very edge points of eastern Maine are a hotbed of energy and activity. One spot to point out here is technically in New Brunswick but it's off-shore of Eastport. It is one of the world's largest whirlpools that develops off of the coast called Old Sow Whirlpool. This activity at the Old Sow Whirlpool is the very definition of a vortex- movement moving inward, which is precisely what a whirlpool does. This spot leads our list of possible energy vortices of Maine.


  • Mt. Katahdin: One of the things that attract energy is exposed rock and Katahdin is a geological monument of this. The mountain stands over 5,200 feet tall and has a longstanding history of being a place of great cultural significance for Native Americans. The large structure of the natural formation combined with thousands of years of reverence from humankind lends itself to being a potentially powerful energy vortex of Maine. Also, take into consideration the class IV and V rapids in this area that elevate the energy even higher. Good vibes here, for sure!

  • Rockaberma Lake near Moro Plantation: A location seemingly in the middle of nowhere but that has seen some tornado activity, more so than other areas in the State of Maine. Again, I choose another water location within the vicinity of a general area.


  • Westmanland, Madawaska Lake: The third location I am including on this list due to historical tornado activity. Again, I also choose a lake in the general vicinity of this historically active tornado area.


  • Acadia National Park, Thunderhole: There are multiple factors that include this location as an energy vortex. One is the exposure of rock and the second is for the turbulent activity of water in this particular location. Thunderhole is known for its dramatic presence of intense waves and wave breaks against the rocky coast. With that, we will include this constantly churning and energetically active location as a possible energy vortex in Maine.


  • Sebec: Another small town of Maine is included on the list because of the naturally occurring activity in this location, in particular earthquake activity. This location has seen a large portion of earthquake activity in the history of earthquake documenting activity in the State of Maine. Take a look at the sky activity seen from this location caught in timelapse.  Goosebumps!


  • Passamaquoddy Bay: Another extreme eastern point of Maine that incorporates our Canadian neighbors is included on our possible energy vortices list. While we have the energy of expansive moving water in this location we can also include earthquake activity, as well. This location has seen earthquake activity more often than other places around Maine. So, if you need an ultra-energy shift, this might be one of the locations that should top your list.


  • Portland: Included in finding energy vortices, dense populations of people are also another clue of where energy flows may be. With that, we need to highlight the largest populated and highest density of all locations in Maine, the City of Portland.

  • Tumbledown Mountain: When we focus on rock exposure, we need to include Tumbledown Mountain as a location that could potentially be an energy vortex because of the sheer cliffs this mountain presents.


  • Pemaquid Point: Another location to include on our list merges exposed rock and churning water, where the sea meets land. Pemaquid Point has a rugged coastline of exposed rock and may produce energy flows due to this exposure and maybe additional amounts due to the sea energy dispersing into the rock.


  • Allagash Falls, Allagash: The vast wilderness of northwestern Maine is relatively uninhabited and this wide expanse of wilderness could be a great location for an energy vortex. I focused on Allagash Falls located on the Allagash River as a location of particular interest simply because it's an increase of elemental energy in this large area of wilderness.

If there are spots of Maine that you have visited and feel are possible energy vortices in the State of Maine, visit the Vortex Hunters website and add it to our location. 

Happy energizing!

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