A greater Bangor-based fuel company, that's been in operation since 1932, has changed hands.

For 88 years, Maine Energy has not only been delivering fuel to local residents and businesses but also installing and maintaining the heating and cooling equipment used to keep these buildings comfortable.

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Maine Energy Inc.'s President, Robert Cort, a third-generation owner of the business, is retiring and has chosen Dead River to take over the operation of his business.

Director of Marketing for Dead River Company, Lisa Morrisette, said Dead River is honored by Cort's decision.

"The goal is to maintain the same service. Robert Cort and his team built the business on customer service and taking care of their customers."

Dead River Company, Facebook
Dead River Company, Facebook

Morrisette says the transfer of ownership took place Monday, but that Maine Energy Inc. customers shouldn't notice any interruption or difference in the service, as Dead River invited the Maine Energy Inc. team, including the drivers and delivery folks to join the Dead River team.

"They'll still see the same people that they know and trust."

Morrissette says the Maine Energy Inc. offices in Bangor and Northport will remain open, and the phone numbers will stay the same.

The only noticeable change expected will be a future name change and the delivery trucks will look a little different, but there's no date set for those changes yet.

Diesel Fuel Pump, Semi Truck

Morrissette says the decision to transfer ownership was a very personal decision for the Cort family, and that the Dead River Company will continue to service folks with the same high standards of customer service Maine Energy Inc. patrons have been used for decades.

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