On the surface, nothing seems duller than the Maine Department of Transportation. But Mainers know that the Maine DOT has had their creative juices flowing for quite some time with their creative and topical signs.

I nearly busted a gut with the most recent meme. The Maine DOT hopped on the The Weeknd meme bandwagon with this gem:

Hey, it's great advice! Because let's be honest, we've all taken selfies that look just like that after a night out in the Old Port. While you're on your phone, you may want to bring up Uber to get you home.

Speaking of the Super Bowl...

Because who doesn't appreciate a good pun driving North up I-295?

It's an older meme but it checks out:

Every winter I'm reminded of this like clockwork. Sure the big, bright yellow signs that say "BRIDGE ICES BEFORE ROAD" are needed but I still end up going a skosh faster than I should, finding that I need to stop, and a few prayers go up that I do so. It's worked so far, but this meme will definitely stick with me.

They even highlighted one of my biggest pet peeves.

And I promise you, even with a quarter of that amount of snow on your ride you look like an idiot and you're dangerous. Clean it!

Fashion icon Mugatu takes the win for best Maine DOT meme for me though.

Studded snow tires AND cleaning off your car are so hot right now.

Maine DOT if you're reading, and since you're obviously a Zoolander fan, may I suggest an "I can only turn left" meme for the rotaries?

Whoever this guy or gal is they definitely need a raise.

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