The Maine CDC sent out a press release specifying an unlicensed individual in East Machias tattooing in unsanitary conditions.  There has been a report that an individual that was tattooed by this individual had Hepatitis C.

It's unclear how many people could have been exposed.

If you suspect you are one of the people who has received a tattoo from this person, seek a medical provider immediately for testing.

There are several concerning problems you could face if you get an illegal tattoo.  Unsanitary conditions and maintenance of equipment can lead to skin infection and potentially lifelong blood infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS.

Maine laws, much like other less populated states, require artists to be licensed in order to tattoo other people.  And when an artist is licensed, they are licensed to practice ONLY at a particular place of business.  There is testing that the equipment of the facility must pass and testing that the artist must go through by local officials in order for an artist to be licensed.

Keep yourself safe and NEVER get a tattoo at somebody's home.  It may be a cheaper tattoo but you may be paying some hefty medical bills if you take the risk.

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