In Wednesday afternoon's Maine CDC COVID-19 press conference, Dr. Nirav Shah reminded people to keep vaccinating their children.

There has been a decline in children's vaccinations in both March and April of 2020 compared to March and April 2019, since stay-at-home orders have been active throughout the State of Maine. April 2020 reported a 45-percent decrease compared to April 2019.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, keeping vaccinations on-schedule is important to keep children immune to dangerous viruses and diseases:

On-time vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines are tested to ensure that they are safe and effective for children to receive at the recommended ages.

It's important to keep your children on schedule with their vaccinations. The U.S. CDC website 'Vaccines for Your Children' is a great resource that parents and guardians can use to know what vaccinations your child should have based on their age.

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