Note: With the announcement of the passing of Coolio on September 28, we wanted to once again share the story of his collaboration with a Maine Brewery to create two Coolio themed beers.

Odd By Nature Brewing in Cape Neddick is following up their epic February team up with rap star Coolio, with another cleverly named sour ale that will be available in four-packs this week.

Back In February, Odd By Nature Brewing posted a photo to their Instagram account of a picture of owner Jay Grey posing with the one and only Coolio holding a pink-colored can of beer. It turned out to be "Crantastic Voyage," named after Coolio's top 10 single from 1994, "Fantastic Voyage."


As you probably guessed, it was a sour and sweet cranberry ale that got rave reviews on

Well, Odd By Nature Brewing wasn't done with Coolio yet.

Last week, Odd By Nature announced the second beer with Coolio's name on it, and this time they've moved from cranberry to blueberry. Can you guess the name? Here's a hint:

"Gangsta's Paradise," Coolio's most successful song that reached number 1 in 14 countries around the world, is the inspiration for Odd By Nature Brewing's "Blueberry's Paradise." This sour ale combines the flavor of fresh Maine blueberries and maple syrup. A "ton" of maple syrup, according to their Instagram post.

Okay. Maybe "Blueberry's Paradise" isn't quite as catchy as "Crantastic Voyage" based on "Fantastic Voyage," but Coolio is on the can. That in and of itself is pretty amazing.

Want to try some "Blueberry's Paradise?" Of course you do, or you wouldn't still be reading this. Get it to go in four-packs to go or sit down and order one at Odd By Nature Brewing on Route One in Cape Neddick. Tell them Coolio sent you.

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