It's been a long time coming, but Blaze Urban Pizza will be opening soon, according to its owner.

Blaze Urban Pizza in Bangor has been under construction since 2016. However, according to a Facebook announcement, the restaurant is in the "home stretch" to completion. They expect to open the new location by mid-June.

In March, owner Matty Haskell posted the following on Facebook in response to a suggestion the project had run out of money:

"We built 3 other restaurants and a brewery in 2017. One of which was the Giacomo's project in downtown Bangor that ultimately was a very bad investment. All of our other 5 restaurants are doing great though and this particular project is 80% finished. We just re started it this week to be finished in the first half of June.
Also worth mentioning is the scope of the Urban Pizza project widened and it became much larger of a project after we tore into the building. We didn't realize that ALL the plumbing and ALL the electrical needed to be completely ripped out 100% and then replaced with all brand new electrical and plumbing which is now done. Also halfway through we decided to add the brewery element to the space as well. But yes in the end financing played a much larger roll once we really tore into the project and after building 3 other spots we needed a break. We DID do a TON of work in it last Summer (2018) but decided to put it back on pause in late September with the plan of starting the final phase in the Spring (now) to be open by June. Made no sense for us to finish in December 2018 and open in January 2019 (Winter) so we decided to re start now and finish in time for concert season.
We will be taking down the wooden barrier structure very soon and you will all be able to see the extensive amount of work we have already done including the big brand new garage door we installed that has big windows on it that can be opened for open air seating in Summer months. :)

Blaze Urban Pizza will be a fast-casual gourmet wood-fired pizza restaurant. Also on the menu will be wood-fired wings and grab-and-go salads. The new location will have seating, but no table service.

The new Blaze location is next to Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street. It occupies the old Gold Star Cleaners location that was left vacant in 2013.

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