Let's face it.  You don't need an excuse to do an extra chore.  So, look at your laziness as a way to help pollinators with 'No Mow May'.

'No Mow May' is a movement that is practiced throughout the month of May to encourage people to let your lawn grow and allow for flowers to sprout and bloom to help aid in diversify flowers growing in the area which helps produce more food for our nectar-needing friends, like bees and hummingbirds.

It's a simple way to help feed wildlife in the area on a multitude of levels, directly for bees and insects and indirectly by the wildlife that eats the pollinators.  Just don't mow your lawn until June.

The British organization Plantlife conducted an experiment where hundreds of  people left their lawns un-mowed for the full month of May.  The results showed more nectar was produced to support 10 times as much bee activity.

So, take a seat with a cool drink, watch beautiful flowers grow and make new bee friends this month with 'No Mow May'.

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