Local Maine Director, Shane Grant, put the call out yesterday on social media to get extras for his latest project.

In a Facebook post published on Thursday, Grant put out a call of 'interesting, comical and alternative looking people':

The post reads:

Cemetery Theater are looking for some extras for a scene this Sunday, August 23rd at 3:30 p.m in Brewer, Maine. It will be featured during the 2nd Episode of The Morty Sutter Show, which starts streaming on Amazon, Vimeo, etc this FALL.
The scene will be a autograph signing and we need a line of interesting, comical and alternative looking people. There will be COVID-19 precaution guidelines, including temperature readings, social distancing and masks when needed.
All those participating will get a FREE signed Morty Sutter autograph photo for your participation.
Please RSVP for the Location. Water, and air conditioning provided inside during the scene. Maximum filming time will be around 90 minutes.

Grant has been producing horror movies in Maine for years.  His IMDb page has credits that include his films 'Sleep Eaters (2017)', 'High Authority (2020)' and 'Night of the Wicked'.

It wasn't too long ago, Grant wrote and produced a tribute to Stephen King's 'It' called 'The Barrens'.  It was released days before 'It: Chapter 2', the continuation of Stephen King's horror flick about the clown 'Pennywise' was released in theaters.

Here's a few clips from Grant's film 'Sleep Eaters' from 2017:

Here is Shane Grant doing an episode of 'The Mainah Men' where he chats with host, Ethan Levesque, about being a local horror filmmaker.

If interested, connect with Cemetery Theater on Facebook.

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