A convenience store in Levant is spreading some warmth and cheer during these cold winter months with a pretty cool "Pay It Forward" campaign.

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Management at the Levant Corner Store, located at 3508 Union St. in Levant, says in the past 2 months they've managed to collect and pay forward over $1800 to local patrons, because of the generosity of the local community.

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According to their Facebook Page, they put the call out in December of last year that they'd be accepting donations for the Pay-It-Forward fund, and folks stepped up to the plate, big time, with the store matching the donations, dollar for dollar.

"With your help, LCS has surprised many in our community with donations of free kerosene, gas for their cars, basic groceries, and even a surprise hot breakfast to brighten their day after the loss of a loved one."

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"Not one of the Pay It Forward recipients expected a handout. All were surprised and touched by your donations. Many have cried, others have grinned ear to ear, and all have been grateful and assured us they will pay it forward when they are in a position to do so. In total we have taken in and donated $1820 in just the last seven weeks…and it has been our pleasure to do so."

The owners say they will continue the program for as long as it lasts.

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If you'd like to donate to the Pay It Forward fund, you can do so right at the register, or on Venmo Pay via Venmo to @levantcornerstore .

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