I always enjoy listening to people attempt to say "Maine" names.

When I worked at WABI-TV5, years ago, it was always too amusing to see the look of confusion, then horror, then defeat when new reporters would come in from out of town, and see the different towns, rivers, or geographic names come across the teleprompter. They would try, their best, but a majority of them would fail. But when they finally learned these terms, it was like a badge of honor, separating the seasoned vets from the newbies.

When said correctly, these names actually sound at times, beautiful; almost musical. But there's no denying that it takes a minute to figure out the correct way to say them.

Gamenetics is a small, Maine-based company that specializes in creating custom game controllers for competitive and casual gamers, nationwide. While they have some local  Mainers on staff, their CEO and some of the other employees are not Maine natives, and so would understandably find some of these pronunciations a bit tricky.

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Last year they featured a "Maine Pronunciation Challenge" on the Gamenetics Facebook Page. 

"We decided to put our team to the test and had a certified professional Mainer school us on exactly how to say each one. Check out our attempts to do justice to these uniquely Maine words in our Maine Pronunciation Challenge."

And this is what they came up with.

They are definitely a group of amusing guys. And I love that in Maine, we have those spots like Calais and Mount Desert Island, where even the locals can't agree on the right way to say them. 

If you enjoyed that, you should check out some of the other "challenges" they feature on their YouTube Channel.

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