Santa is coming to town and the Penobscot Regional Communications Center is ready to relay his whereabouts on Christmas Eve.

In a post on Facebook published on Wednesday, the Penobscot Regional Communications Center announced that they will be tracking Santa across Penobscot county in their Annual Santa Bolo (Be On the Look Out). 911 dispatchers will take to cb radios to communicate where Santa is on Christmas Eve so those listening in can anticipate his location throughout the Maine County.

The communications are expected to kick off at 5:30 on Friday evening and anticipated sightings throughout the county will be relayed every 10 minutes from there, following Santa from the top of Penobscot County in Patten and ending around quarter past 7 PM in Dixmont.

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Anyone is welcome to listen in. So, if you a CB listener and want to gather kids round for the announcement, here is the schedule that Santa has passed along to dispatchers of when he plans on flying by with his troop of reindeer to drop off packages for the good little boys and girls this Christmas Eve.

  • 5:30 PM COMM 2 Patten
  • 5:40 PM COMM 2 Medway
  • 5:50 PM COMM 2 Millinocket
  • 6:00 PM COMM 2 Springfield
  • 6:10 PM COMM 2 Lincoln
  • 6:20 PM Orono/Old Town Fire
  • 6:30 PM COMM 2 Eddington
  • 6:40 PM Brewer Fire
  • 6:50 PM COMM 2 Charleston
  • 7:00 PM COMM 2 Dexter
  • 7:10 PM COMM 2 Dixmont

Now, do be mindful that these channels are also used for emergency calls so, the announcement of Santa sightings may come a little early or a little late depending on the emergency calls come through at the time for these particular departments.

Don't have a CB radio? Listen live online:

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