Over the years, cell phones have become more popular. With it's popularity, cell phones have also become much more of a distraction during school hours.

According to WMTW Channel 8, on Monday, the Lewiston School Committee voted unanimously to ban cell phones in school for students through 8th grade. The committee also put a limit to when high schoolers would be able to use their cell phones, they can only be used outside of classrooms.

It is important to note that cell phones can be a good thing, especially for those not yet in high school. Some students take a bus, walk, or even go to a friends house after school. Cell phones allow children to keep in touch with family members and ensure their safety.

If you are wondering if a student is able to bring their cell phones to school, the answer is yes. During school hours, for students in pre-K to 8th grade, cell phones will be stored somewhere in the school.

There is an exception, a student may keep their cell phone close by if it is determined to be "essential for the student's health, safety, or for educational purposes."

If a student chooses not to store their phone for a day, then disciplinary actions will be taken. WMTW states that discipline will vary. The student may receive a warning, have the cell phone confiscated, or the school may call the student's parents. If there is a more serious offense, the student could end up suspended or expelled from school.

According to Superintendent Jake Langlais, this cell phone ban should hopefully help ease some anxiety that students may have during the day (such as waiting for a response via text, messenger, etc.) and help them focus more on their classwork.

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