The more I watch of Lewis Capaldi, the more I love him! He has described himself as a "Smiley Potato" and lamented that without the help of Tinder, the dating app, he'll likely grow old living with his mom. This Scottsman's sense of humor and total realistic perspective of his lack of self-importance are some of his best qualities! Recently, since he's actually using Tinder to help him in his own romantic life (or at least in a quest to create one for himself) he teamed with the website to put out a video of his personalized "Tinder Tips" ---and it's outstanding!

In the video, Capaldi deals with everything from how to create a quality opening line, to date night etiquette. In some of the scenarios, he plays both sides of the experience, as his alter-ego Eve. Some of it is tongue-and-cheek, so to speak. In other instances, he just calls it as it is, and nails it.

If you know someone having a rough time in the romance department, you may want to share Lewis Capaldi's Tinder Tips with them.


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