With the high winds for a couple of days earlier this week, here is hoping that any leaves on your lawn blew over to your neighbor’s lawn. High hopes, right? Here we go. Get your rake ready.

The Bangor Public Works Department will begin the annual leaf collection project on Monday, Nov. 1.

Bangor residents must know there is not a set route through the city that they follow. Meaning they can’t tell you when they are going to be on your street. But please know that the process of the city collecting those leaves does begin on Monday, November 1.

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There will be multiple crews working around the city every day, even Saturdays (but not Sundays) to get those leaves picked up.

However, if you are not one to wait for the crew to come to you and for whatever reason want those leaves g.o.n.e. from your property, soonest, you can drop off leaves and brush, without charge, at the Public Works, 530 Maine Avenue any day, including Sunday between 7 a.m. and sunset.

Loose leaves, without any rocks or branches, should be raked to the edge of your road for the crews to collect with those large vacuum cleaner units. The reason for no rocks or branches or yard waste other than leaves in your piles is because they could damage or plug the vacuum.

The fall leaf collection begins Monday, but if you are not ready because you are not raking in the rain this weekend, fear not the crews will make several passes through the city.

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