You would have to be under a rock to not have seen at least one Bernie Sanders meme from his Inauguration Day outfit.

Inauguration day is a chance to release the inner style icon in all the attendees. Michelle Obama's outfit with her jewel toned colors and belted waist was a showstopper.  The internet was abuzz with Second Gentlemen Doug Emhoff’s daughter Ella’s jewel-studded coat.

But the real fashion icon of the day was Bernie Sanders.

Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders stole the show with his practical Burton Jacket and the handmade mittens that just made the outfit.  Bernie appeared like he was just stopping off at the inauguration on the way to run errands, and it is one of the reasons we just love Bernie.

The mittens have a fascinating backstory that is just so typical of the no-nonsense Vermont sensibility.

According to, the mittens were made by Jen Ellis as a gift for Bernie and given to him two years ago through his daughter-in-law.

Ellis ,a second-grade teacher at Westford Elementary School, used to make the mittens to sell at craft fairs, the news station stated. They are made of recycled sweaters, and the fleece that lines them is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ellis no longer makes the mittens and is delighted and overwhelmed by the response, according to WPRI.  She tells others that there are a lot of sellers on Esty that make similar pairs.

I thought it was wonderfully generous that she pointed people to small businesses on Esty. What I really want to know is how Bernie can keep pair of mittens for more than two years.  I always seem to lose one.

UPDATE: you can now buy the original Bernie mittens with all proceeds going to meals on wheels in Vermont.

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